Seed Sharing Law Publications of Interest

Seed Freedom: a Global Citizen's Report (Oct 1, 2012): A Navdanya publication, the threat to seed freedom impacts the very fabric of human life and the life of the planet. Seed keepers, farmers, and citizens around the world have joined together as a Global Citizens Alliance for Seed Freedom to respond to this Seed Emergency and to strengthen the movement for the freedom of humanity.

Terra Viva: Our Soil, Our Commons, Our Future (Nov 30, 2001): This manifesto from Navdanya shows how critical issues and crises are interconnected and cannot be addressed in silos: soils, land and land grabs, farming, climate change, unemployment, growing economic inequality, and growing violence and wars.

The Law of the Seed (May 17, 2013): Presented by Navdanya, the Law of the Seed is based on scientific and legal principles that protect diversity and democracy. It is meant as a tool to be used by citizens everywhere and in every context to defend their seed freedom and seed sovereignty as well as to provide a practical guide to all future development of laws and policies on seed.